CARNIST - Unlearn Lp Distro 12" Lp


Carnist are a political hardcore band haling from London, who feature members of Shels, Plague Mass, Unquiet Grave, Momentum, Light Bearer and Fall of Efrafa. “Carnism” is the “invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat animals”. On the other hand the title of their debut album, which is called Unlearn and that you can stream herein, deals with the concept of “unlearning societal norms and cultural traits which are contrary to our nature – be that our attitude towards non human animals or indeed humans who do not fall in line with stifling, archaic and claustrophobic ideas of what it is to be human.” - Musically they are way more into the old school H/C Punk side of things
and managed to write a full on energetic set of raging punk/hardcore tunes... Must be quite enjoyable to watch these kids live!(Ruina Nation)